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Mobile homes are permitted as garden suites in some zones. A highly visible tiny home housing project by a local homelessness support organization means this municipality has seen the value of tiny homes.


Tiny home on foundation as primary residence

No clear minimum floor area or footprint found.

Tiny home on foundation as secondary residence

Detached secondary dwellings are called Garden Suites in the bylaws:

“Garden suites, when permitted, shall: a) be separate from the principal dwelling; b) have a maximum gross floor area of 100 m2 , including basement floor area, except that in the RC1 zone the maximum gross floor area is 150 m2 ; […] 6.7.4 Garden suites shall be designed, sited, constructed, finished, and sided in a manner that is visually compatible, in the opinion of the Development Officer, with the residential character of the principal residence. Mobile homes will only be permitted as garden suites in the RC1 and RC2 zones.

Tiny homes on wheels

Mobile homes are permitted as garden suites in two zones (see above). RV storage only.

Land leasing, mobile home parks

Benchmark Mobile Home Park: 190 Rainbow Rd, Whitehorse, Y1A 5E2 867-334-9064

Northland Park: 986 Range Rd, Whitehorse, Y1A 4V1 867-633-6000

Picturesque Modular Home, 54 833 Range Rd, Whitehorse, Y1A 3A7

Tiny Home Projects and Conversations

Steve Cardiff Tiny House Community – alleviating homelessness by offering transitional living space in downtown Whitehorse.

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