Powell River, BC

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Powell River, BC


Powell River has some prohibitive minimum floor areas and house widths for tiny homes and does not allow homes on wheels outside of a mobile home park zone. They do, however, allow Carriage Houses (secondary dwelling units) in almost all zones, with no minimum size.


Tiny home on foundation as primary residence

The definition for dwelling excludes manufactured homes that are less than 20 ft. wide. Furthermore, all dwelling units located in the R1, R2, R3, R3A, RM1, RMS, RA1, A0, A1 and A2 zones must contain a minimum gross floor area of 55 square metres (600 sqft). This does not apply to apartments and senior residences.

Tiny home on foundation as secondary residence

Called a Carriage House.

“CARRIAGE HOUSE  means a detached accessory dwelling unit.  A carriage house is often referred to as a laneway house, a coach house or a granny flat. Detached accessory dwelling units are accessory buildings and subordinate to the principal dwelling in terms of scale and siting.  They are stand-alone, self-contained dwelling units.  They consist of a single level of habitable living space either ground-oriented or above a garage/workshop.AB 2476”

“A maximum of one carriage house (detached accessory dwelling unit) is permitted on a lot in the R1, R2, RA1, CD4, A0, A1, and A2 zones subject to all other provisions of this Bylaw.AB 252”

Not permitted on small lots or in the historical district. No minimum size requirements.

Also includes a section on the website about Secondary Suites – however, these are inside the primary dwelling.

Tiny homes on wheels

Tiny homes on wheels do not meet the definition that a manufactured home dwelling must be at least 20 ft. wide.

Land leasing, mobile home parks

There is a mobile home park zone, but with the other restrictions, we are not optimistic about locating moveable tiny homes there.

Something that may be interesting – you are allowed up to three boarders in the agricultural zones.


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