Moncton, NB

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Moncton, NB


Moncton, one of the bigger cities in New Brunswick does not seem to have minimum size requirements for dwellings, unlike other cities in New Brunswick.

There are some stringent design requirements in the downtown and historic areas of the city, but not in most other areas. Moncton also allows keeping of chickens in most zones.


Tiny home on foundation as primary residence

There is a “compact single dwelling” definition: 

“compact single unit dwelling” means a single unit dwelling with a frontage of less than 15 metres. (habitation unifamiliale compacte)

No minimum square footage is given and compact single unit dwellings are permitted in most residential zones. Design standards are given as follows:

“129.1 When permitted, a compact single unit dwelling shall be subject to the following conditions:

(a) at least 90% of the façade is finished with traditional materials;
(b) the main entrance to the dwelling shall face a street;
(c) a garage door shall include design elements such as windows, plastics inserts and decorative hardware;
(d) no building façade and color shall be repeated on adjacent lots within the same side of a street as well as the lot on the opposite side of the street;
(e) despite subsection 46(3), the driveway shall be paved or finished with other hard surfaces such as stone pavers, permeable pavers or bricks; and
(f) despite subsection 46(5), the driveway shall have a maximum width of 4 m at the street line and may open up to a maximum width of 5.5 m in the front yard”

Tiny home on foundation as secondary residence

Called garden suite. No mention of variance application needed.

“When permitted, a garden suite shall: (a) despite the yard requirements for the zone in which it is located, not be closer than 1.2 metres from a side lot line or 2.5 metres from the rear lot line; (b) not exceed six metres in height; (c) be located in the rear yard; (d) be located on a lot occupied by a single unit dwelling as a main use; (e) not exceed 75 square metres of ground gross floor area; (f) be fully serviced by water and sanitary sewer; (g) provide one parking space in addition to the parking required for the main use; (h) use the same driveway and parking aisle as the main use.”

“Will be fully serviced by water and sanitary sewer.”

Tiny homes on wheels

No mention of wheels.

No size restrictions mentioned in Mobile Home Parks by-law. Home must be skirted:

“All mobile homes shall be skirted within sixty (60) calendar days of the date on which the mobile home was located on the mobile home space and the skirting shall be constructed in accordance with the latest edition of the Canadian Standards Association’s Recommended Practice for the Site Preparation, Foundation and Anchorage of Mobile Homes.”


Land leasing, mobile home parks

Land is leased within the trailer/mobile home communities.

Some communities in the area:

Rosewood Community, 477 Salisbury Rd, Moncton, E1E 1B6, 506-856-9201
Ryder Park Ltd, 1809 Mountain Rd, Moncton, E1G 1A7, 506-858-0641
Birch Grove Trailer Park, Chemin Birchgrove, Moncton, E4P 3P6
Pine Tree Village, 1 Cedarwood Ave, Moncton, E1H 2H4, 506-857-9474

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