Larder Lake, ON

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Larder Lake, ON


Larder Lake municipality does not have minimum size requirements for primary dwellings (and therefore allows tiny homes on a foundation).

It also does not have a size requirement for secondary dwellings, but does have a stipulation that those may not be rented out. Mobile homes, while defined in the by-law, are actually not allowed in any zone.


Tiny home on foundation as primary residence

No minimum dwelling size was found in the bylaws.

Tiny home on foundation as secondary residence

Detached secondary dwellings are called garden suites in this municipality. No zone variance required.

“Garden Suite Means a one-unit detached residential structure containing bathroom and kitchen facilities that is ancillary to an existing residential structure and that is designed to be portable.

A garden suite shall not be considered a dwelling unit for the purposes of this By-law and shall not be rented out to the public for gain or profit.

Tiny homes on wheels

There is actually no zone that allows mobile homes, even though they are defined in the bylaws. They do have a minimum size and it is quite large.

“Mobile Home Means any dwelling that is designed to be made mobile, and constructed or manufactured to provide either a permanent or seasonal residence for one (1) or more persons, and which is not less than 3 m (9.84 ft.) wide and the total area of which is not less than 46 m2 (495.1 ft2 ). A mobile home does not include a travel trailer or tent trailer or trailer otherwise designed or a modular home.”

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