Lake of the Woods, ON

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Lake of the Woods, ON


Lake of the Woods stands out among its Ontario municipality peers for allowing mobile homes to be a dwelling anywhere a single dwelling is allowed. That means most zones! And that means tiny homes on wheels, provided they are on the larger side (over 484 sq.ft.). Ironically, a tiny home on a foundation would not satisfy the principal dwelling minimal size requirements!


Tiny home on foundation as primary residence

60 sqm (645 sq.ft.) BUT mobile homes are allowed as a primary residence. Their minimum is 45 sqm (484 sq.ft.)

Tiny home on foundation as secondary residence

Zoning variance not needed. Limit of 10 years. Mobile home CAN be a garden suite:

“4.11 Garden Suites a) Garden suites shall be permitted as accessory temporary residential accommodation for a maximum of 10 years pursuant to Section 39 of The Planning Act, and shall be considered accessory to a permitted single detached or semidetached dwelling; b) the garden suite shall not be permitted to separate by consent from the main residential dwelling on the lot; c) the garden suite may be serviced from the main dwelling on the lot, subject to the approval of the Health Unit where required; and d) a mobile home may be used as a garden suite.”

Minimum area for a mobile home is 45 sqm (484 sq.ft.)

Tiny homes on wheels

Tiny homes on wheels would fall under Mobile Home definitions:

2.116 Mobile Home Shall mean any dwelling that is designed to be made mobile, and constructed or manufactured to provide a permanent residence for one or more persons, but does not include a travel trailer or tent trailer or trailer otherwise designed.”

Land leasing, mobile home parks

None found. No mention of land leasing.

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