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Cobourg, ON


Cobourg, Ontario does not have minimum floor area for primary dwellings, which means a tiny home on a foundation can be a primary dwelling as long as it satisfies building code requirements and other by-laws of the zone.

Secondary dwellings can only be used for housing senior family members, no rentals, and need special permission. No wheels on homes, living in travel trailers or motor homes for maximum of 60 days at a time.


Tiny home on foundation as primary residence

Could not find minimum square footage, width, or length requirements in any documents.

Tiny home on foundation as secondary residence

“Garden Suite shall only be permitted with the following regulations:

i) The Garden Suite is to be used by a senior member of the owner of the residence. No portion of the subject Garden Suite shall be made available for rent by the general public.

ii) A temporary use by-law will be required as approval by Council.

iii) As a condition to passing a by-law authorizing the temporary use of a garden suite, Council may require the owner of the suite or any other persons to enter into an agreement with the municipality.”

Tiny homes on wheels

“TRUCK, BUS AND COACH BODIES, OR MOTOR HOME, TRAILER OR TENTS USED FOR HUMAN HABITATION No truck, bus, coach or streetcar body, or tent shall be used for human habitation within the Municipality, whether or not the same is mounted on wheels. No travel trailer or motor home, as defined in Section 3 of this By-law, shall be used for the living, sleeping or eating accommodation of persons within the Municipality for a period of more than sixty (60) days in any period of ten (10) consecutive months, unless such use is listed as a permitted use in a particular zone.”

“The parking or storing of a boat, motor home, travel trailer or snow-mobile shall be permitted in any side yard or rear yard or in any private garage, carport or other building on a lot where a boat, motor home or travel trailer does not exceed 6 m (20 ft) in length. Where a boat, motor home or travel trailer exceeds 6 m (20 ft) in length such a boat, motor home or trailer may be permitted on a lot in a Residential Zone for a period of no more than 72 hours in any calendar year, unless it is stored in an enclosed building. Such a boat, motor home or trailer may be permitted in any other zone provided all provisions of this By-law are complied with.”

Land leasing, mobile home parks

Mobile home park: Sandown Estates:  7356 Telephone Rd, Cobourg

“No person shall locate or use a mobile home in any zone for the purposes of residential, commercial, industrial or institutional uses, temporarily or permanently, unless the use of a mobile home for such purposes is listed specifically in the By-law as a permitted use within a particular use zone, or where such is being used for construction or for emergency purposes where a dwelling or other building has been destroyed by fire or a natural disaster; however, a double-wide mobile home may be erected as a residential dwelling in zones where residential dwellings are permitted provided it is placed on a finished permanent foundation. A foundation will not be deemed to include piers.”

Tiny Home Projects and Conversations

Think Tiny Homes pilot project with Think Tiny Homes Northumberland.

Think Tiny Homes Northumberland (TTHN) is a newly-appointed chapter of Habitat for Humanity Northumberland whose mandate is to explore ways to bring the concept of tiny home housing to Port Hope and Cobourg.

“We started in February 2018,” said Nicole Beatty, Chair TTHN Chapter.“We are a citizen’s group, interested in tiny homes as a creative solution to affordable and attainable housing.”

In 2021, a survey was being done in the community. “Our priority is to find serviceable land that can be zoned accordingly while also working with the local municipal government on this innovative building project.“

Think Tiny Homes Pilot Project | Cobourg Now – News Magazine

Big Thinking About Tiny Homes | Cobourg Now – News Magazine

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