Central Manitoulin

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Central Manitoulin


Central Manitoulin does not have a minimum square footage for a primary residence, which does give some opportunities for buying a piece of property and putting a single tiny home on a foundation. Secondary dwellings are not allowed, except for a farm labourer.


Tiny home on foundation as primary residence

No minimum floor area requirements were found in any zones.

Tiny home on foundation as secondary residence

Secondary dwellings seem to be only allowed for farm labourers. 

“The use of any accessory building or structure, other than a Guest Cabin, for human habitation is not permitted, except where a dwelling is a permitted accessory use. The use of any accessory building or structure for the keeping of animals, other than domestic pets, is not permitted in the Hamlet Zones, Settlement Zones, Shoreline Residential Zones and the area covered by Schedules B1 and B2, except as may be licenced by the municipality.  No more than one (1) single detached dwelling shall be erected on one lot except in the Agricultural (A) Zone or Rural (R ) Zone where a second residence may be erected to provide accommodation for a farm labourer and his or her family.”

A Guest Cabin is not a secondary dwelling as it has no kitchen: “GUEST CABIN shall mean a non-commercial building, without cooking facilities, that is accessory to a seasonal dwelling and used only for purposes of sleeping accommodation.”

Tiny homes on wheels

No bylaws were found allowing homes on wheels or chassis.

Land leasing, mobile home parks

No response was received from the local mobile home park about locating a tiny home.

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