Canadian Land Directory for Tiny Homes

Where to park a tiny home on wheels in Canada? Where can you have a tiny home as a secondary dwelling? Are there any tiny home villages in Canada? These questions and more are answered in this land directory.

This land directory is a work in progress. If you have land for sale or rent,  or you have a location to contribute, please contact us at [email protected].

Tiny Home on Foundation as Primary Dwelling

A primary dwelling is the only home on residentially-zoned land.

A tiny home on a foundation can be a legal primary dwelling if there are no minimum size requirements, or a typical tiny home satisfies these requirements. Tiny homes on a foundation must also satisfy local building codes and setbacks, etc. to be legal. A building permit will be required.

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Tiny Home on Foundation as Secondary Dwelling

A secondary dwelling is a second, smaller, home on a property with an existing home.

A tiny home as a secondary dwelling is legal in municipalities that allow detached secondary dwellings on lots that already have a primary house. These are sometimes called Additional Dwelling Units (ADUs), Secondary Dwelling Units, laneway houses, coach houses, and garden suites. We have omitted any municipalities that have minimum size requirements that are higher than a typical tiny home, as well as any that require special permissions or zoning variance applications.

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Tiny Homes on Wheels

Tiny homes on wheels are popular for their mobility and ease of transportation.

In this directory, we included communities and campgrounds where you can put a tiny home on wheels. We also included any municipalities with regulations regarding “mobile homes” as a tiny home on wheels can fall under this definition if it is built to the Ontario Building Code. We also included any municipalities that allow living in RVs or Park Model homes (most do not). We omitted locations where such homes can only be located in Mobile Home Parks, as these are typically full.

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Land Leasing

Land leasing is a quicker and more affordable route to tiny home ownership for many people.

These locations allow land to be leased or rented for a tiny home, where the tiny home belongs to its owner and the land belongs to a landlord or community. Locations with terms like prepaid 99-year lease are considered land purchase for the purposes of this directory.

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